Did you know that the majority of clients report that their company reimburses them for HSE? Check out our reimbursement tips and resources here.
Expense through your company

HSE coaching rates vary per session and package, and there are discounts provided for multiple sessions. The majority of our members expense their coaching fees through their companies. That's because companies know investing in your career progression expands your ability to move the business forward. Every company's policy is different, so we’ve created a general email template to send to your manager.

Pitching your HSE coaching sessions

Communicate the value of HSE to your manager using the customizable email template below. Copy the doc and edit from there!

Hi there,

I recently signed up for coaching on Hard Skill Exchange to evaluate the ROI of their programs and ensure that it was the right fit to not only help me accelerate my career growth but also drive relevant revenue impact at [your company].

After evaluating the platform along with hearing stellar recommendations from my network, I am writing to you to request reimbursement for a coaching package of [...], which falls within my L&D budget at [company name].

If you aren’t familiar with Hard Skill Exchange, they are a highly reputable 1:1 coaching marketplace. HSE partners with top GTM leaders from the fastest-growing tech companies to build in-depth coaching programs 1:1 and at scale.

My overarching reason for requesting this 1:1 coaching program is simple: I want to increase my ability to create revenue results for [your company] and help drive our business forward. I’m excited to do the extra work and am committed to sharing what I’ve learned with my colleagues.

Who has completed the training?

HSE has a community of over 15,000 members from companies like AWS, Box, LinkedIn, Salesforce, HubSpot, Gong, Clari, and many more. Check out their reviews here.

What's the cost?

Rates vary by the hour depending on the 1:1 coaching you select and the coach — the coach I’ve selected [linkedin link] costs $[...]/hr. I’m requesting [...] hours for a grand total of $[...]. However, if we want more people from our team to participate, they can speak with you about a B2B partnership package.

I believe Hard Skill Exchange is an important step in my skill development and GTM knowledge and that it will increase my impact at our company. HSE’s role-play style 1:1 coaching approach, frameworks, live AMA events, and discussions with some of the leading GTM practitioners will help improve my performance, making this a worthy investment for both myself and [your company].

Reimbursement tips

Make a plan for how you'll make time to apply what you learn to show your commitment


Position the program as an investment, not an expense


Research your company's learning and development budget


Try tapping into a conference budget


Include customer reviews to add even more value


Share our content with your manager